Swap Free Account Use Agreement

Clients benefiting from interest/swap free accounts can hold their positions for an undetermined period of time without incurring any interest. Islamic trading account conditions are offered to all, regardless of base currency or leverage offered.

The only determining factor to Islamic account eligibility is the religion of the client. Islamic accounts for speculative purposes are not tolerated. HyperFX reserves the right to discontinue an Islamic/swap free account without warning.

HyperFX will revoke this right in cases of abuse/suspicion of abuse under below mention cases, in which case HyperFX may at its sole discretion decide to close all open positions in the account and deduct or add the swaps that the transactions would have incurred under normal circumstances.

1. When the account holds high swap pare currencies, with same short position for more than 30 days with.

2. When HyperFX must cover the swap interest charge more than 10% at each position within 30 days.

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